Your idea, its structure, its functionality... here you configure your app in a few steps. We do the rest for you.

For instance with

  • Submit us the basic structure of your app on our Configure website or send us the structure by email to

  • We will get in touch with you. We will discuss the further procedure and agree on the creation of the app or if necessary a consultation

  • Open a Pro or Team account at (Get started).
    The $10/month covers the cost of running the app (database + storage + server + traffic).
    Note: For assigning rights to different user groups you need the team plan for $30/month.

  • If you don't want to create your own account with Coda, you can run your app with us. We set up your own area, the costs remain the same.

  • After payment of the costs for creation/consulting, the app will be provided by us on your Coda account. The app and data contained in it belong to you alone, we do not have access to your app at any time.

  • The app can be modified or further developed by you, if you wish we can do this work for you.