Appsmith - create application software 10 times faster than before - cost-effective, flexible and secure

Appsmith is a no-code, open-source platform that enables developers to create internal apps quickly. The platform offers a usage-based pricing model, over 45 ready widgets for UI fabrication, and the ability to write in-line JavaScript or reusable code blocks to extend app functionality. Appsmith has an IDE-like editor with built-in autocomplete, multi-line editing, debugging, and linting for writing reusable code blocks. The platform has built-in JavaScript libraries to manipulate and transform data, making it faster for users to build their apps. The platform offers templates for various use cases such as admin panels, back-office apps, CRUD front-ends, dashboards, portals, and trackers. The platform can be self-hosted or used on the cloud for free and provides resources such as a support forum, community, blog, case studies, and tutorials.