tilda - create a website, online store or landing page with tildas intuitive website builder, with no-code

Tilda is a website builder that offers over 550 pre-designed blocks for creating websites, online stores, landing pages, and blogs without coding. The platform is highly customizable and suitable for any type of content, with a contemporary look and high flexibility. Tilda's focus on typography and visual blocks allows users to create effective photo and video displays. The platform is adaptive and pages created with it look great on all devices. Tilda also offers a built-in web editor called Zero Block for professionals.Tilda is recommended not only for small individual projects but also for businesses.

It has been used by various professionals who appreciate its ease of use and powerful features. Tilda tracks design trends to ensure that websites created on the platform look current and are search engine friendly. Users can also add custom fonts and connect a Google Analytics account to monitor website traffic. Tilda integrates with popular services for email marketing, feedback, and client relationship management, and offers payment systems for users to receive payments for their services or sell goods in small online stores.Tilda Education provides practical guides and online courses on web design and digital marketing. Video tutorials are also available on creating various types of websites on Tilda such as landing pages, multi-page websites, blogs, and online stores. Tilda CRM is a simple tool for working with contacts and leads that helps users keep everything under control.

Tilda Experts is a roster of designers proficient in Tilda, allowing users to find a designer if they don't have the time to build a website themselves.Tilda offers a free registration option, a variety of templates, and examples of websites made on Tilda. The platform also has a blog, media kit, terms of service, and privacy policy. Tilda provides resources for improving SEO and avoiding common web design mistakes. The Help Center and FAQ provide support for users, while video tutorials and webinars offer additional learning opportunities. Tilda also offers tools such as a code export and API, a broken link checker, and a campaign URL builder. Users can hire a designer or use Tilda's own Tilda Sans typeface. The platform is available in multiple languages and uses cookies to ensure the best user experience.

Overall, Tilda is a user-friendly website building platform that offers a range of features to help users create professional-looking websites with ease. It provides solutions for creating landing pages, online stores, company blogs, online courses, email campaigns, online forms, and more.