kelp - next generation visual development platform for operational tools and real-time analytics

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Kelp is a no-code visual development platform that enables users to build interactive data-driven applications without traditional coding. The platform offers innovative features and a no-code experience that accelerates application development. Kelp provides a complete web app development environment in the cloud, from design to deployment to administration and monitoring. The platform's simple visual control flow editor allows users to connect functional and visualization components to define how data and interactions flow through the application. Kelp also offers coordinated visualizations powered by streaming data, enabling users to express deeper relationships of their data in real-time. The platform has a rich library of composable and reusable components, including pre-built React components and data visualizations, that save time and enable faster development. Kelp also offers live preview and instant publishing, allowing users to see changes immediately in the viewer as they make them. Kelp is not just for developers; it is designed for everyone from professional developers to business users who need to build solutions for their needs quickly and easily. The platform brings IT and business together, enabling more rapid, iterative, and collaborative development.