budibase - open source no-code software to build internal apps the easiest way

Budibase is an open-source no-code software that enables businesses to create customized apps, forms, and workflows without coding. The platform offers various features such as components, integrations, templates, and plugins. It supports over 20 data sources and has a built-in database. Users can generate CRUD apps and forms from their data with just a few clicks and automate workflows with over 20 automation blocks. Budibase comes with over 30 premade components and building blocks, but users can also create their own custom components or source them from the community. The platform is fully customizable and responsive by default. Additionally, Budibase provides a flexible public API that enables users to use it as a backend and extend their apps. The platform integrates with various tools such as Zapier, Docker, Kubernetes, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, MongoDB, Airtable, MSSQL, MySQL, Elastic, and Slack. It also offers customizable templates for various business applications such as forms, portals, approval apps, and admin panels. Users can choose from a range of free templates to help them accelerate their workflow.