Created faster with no-code software. Exactly for your requirement, practical and inexpensive

You can simply use your digital form as a standalone application or integrated into "Your-App"

Use the possibility to extend your digital form with useful elements, e.g.:

  • rating
  • dropdown menu
  • calculated values
  • slider
  • checkbox

The entered data are directly available for additional processing. You can:

  • visualize with diagrams
  • make them available to a distributed team
  • filter, sort, group or analyze data
  • copy/paste into other applications
  • inform a person with automation, e.g. by email

Save time and simplify workflows

  • You may still be using paper forms to document facts, you may be taking photos and have to painstakingly assign them to a process afterwards.
  • You have maintenance plans which are necessary for the proof of a proper maintenance of machines and plants.
  • You work scientifically, for example in archaeology, and want to systematically document processes or finds.

This is easier to do with Your-App than with paper

For such applications, you can simply send us the structure of your form, with the data types you use - e.g. text field, date, selection list or selection boxes - and we will convert your form into a digital form.

This is then available to you on the PC and on mobile devices, the entries on the mobile device are synchronized with the PC and vice versa. Rework for data transfer is thus completely eliminated.