appsheet - develop powerful apps and transform your processes and operations

AppSheet is a no-code development platform that enables users to create custom mobile and desktop apps without coding. It offers features such as form capture, customization, security management, and workflow automation. The platform is integrated with Google Workspace and third-party apps like Office 365, Dropbox, and It can also integrate with SQL databases, Apigee, REST APIs, and OData. AppSheet has partnerships with Google Cloud Partners and is being used by various companies to develop and deploy custom in-house built apps quickly and efficiently. The platform has helped companies prioritize their development work, automate their own processes, reduce the number of trips to the office, and empower their workforce to work better remotely. AppSheet apps work on both desktop and mobile devices and can be used for project management, operations, fieldwork, human resources, sales, and marketing. The AppSheet Editor generates app prototypes and provides smart suggestions for quick customizations. The platform also uses spreadsheet-like expressions to incorporate advanced logic to filter data, create dynamic UI elements, and set up workflow automations. AppSheet apps can connect to hosted Excel files, Cloud SQL, Apigee, Azure SQL, AWS, Salesforce objects, Smartsheet, OData, and more. Basic applications can be created and shared with small teams in any Workspace account. However, licenses and an AppSheet subscription are required to scale and share apps with larger teams.