an -ORGA- Revolution

Organize yourself or your team better

- with an app - 

instead of Word document, Excel sheet or paper

created faster with no-code software, flexible and inexpensive

An evolution from document to app

from the first note

● ● ●

to the finished document

● ● ●

to the functional app

 ● ● ●

everything in just one application


Word & Excel are
from the past

Become more independent from IT specialists

With no-code software you can create your app yourself or adapt it to changing requirements

● ● ●

Equip your team with the digital tools they need, to achieve maximum productivity

● ● ●

      Avoid the ballast of large and expensive software packages, when you only need 30% of them


      We show you
      on how

      Get your important communication out of the email flood

      Communicate within your app, discuss important things right where your content is located


      more efficient & safer,
      simply better

      Benefit from the comment function

      With the comment function, the team can contribute to all content

      ● ● ●

      In tables, comments can be written specifically for each individual row

      ● ● ●

      Dialogues allow the team to reach decisions faster


      Workflow instead
      of Meetings


      With no-code software you get your
      "own app"
      inexpensive as never before

      ● ● ●

        digital forms of course also


        also a price



        It's actually possible to get a "custom app" starting at
         ~$300 (one-time) plus ~$120 (operating cost/year).

          Example is based on the no-code software

        • Purchase of an already created app from our APP-DEPOT
          (App: 1 x $98 = $98)
        • Setup of the app for operation
          (Setup: Standard = $196)
        • Operating costs for server/storage/data traffic
          if paid annually = $120
          ($10/month x 12 months = $120/year)

        Your Idea - Your App

        Tell us about your idea, let us know what requirement you have.

        Use our page > Configure to send us your desired structure and content.

        Also use our page > Instructions or visit our page > Samples to get more detailed information.

        What can be "your app"?

        Due to the flexibility of no-code software, solutions for many areas are conceivable. For inspiration, here are a few more concrete application possibilities.

        • Control and document, e.g. places, objects, machines, plants.
        • Capture and collect information e.g. for hobby, science, administration
        • Sharing and presenting experiences during vacations, events or hobbies, with text, pictures, videos and blogs
        • Teamwork in the office area, with calculations, analyses and diagrams
        • Order manager, customer contact management (CRM)
        • Club organization, hall occupancy, member contact, training schedules