ycode - professional web projects, apps and websites visuell developed with no-code

Ycode is a no-code website building platform that enables users to create responsive web projects with full design control. The platform offers reusable styles, components, animations, and pre-built layouts to help users create beautiful designs. Ycode also features a content management system (CMS) that allows users to build content structures, import data manually or in bulk, and let copywriters easily work with content via the CMS or visually on canvas without breaking design. Additionally, Ycode offers workflows to set up triggers for emails, display elements, or create and edit CMS items via forms. The platform also includes features such as SEO optimization and user authentication. Users can choose from various templates and plans, including a free plan with a custom domain, 10 pages, Ycode provides documentation, video tutorials, and a community forum for users to learn and share their experiences.