altogic - easily build, deploy and manage scalable backend apps with no-code

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Altogic is a cloud-based backend app development platform that offers Serverless Functions developed using full-code. The platform provides several solutions, including a Designer tool, a Tester tool, a Navigator tool, and a Watcher tool. Altogic also offers various resources such as product guides, client API documentation, and an API reference. The platform provides all the key technologies needed to develop applications, including pre-integrated authentication, database, CRUD operations, document management, cloud functions, data caching, message queues, cron jobs, and app deployment features. Altogic offers a range of features for user, including real-time updates, rate limiting, and object-level security. The platform also allows for full-code or no-code development of cloud functions. Altogic's client library enables easy integration with any frontend framework and offers authentication, database operations, and triggering of endpoints. Altogic is a backend as a service platform that helps user and businesses design, deploy, and manage scalable backend apps. Altogic also offers real-time bidirectional event-based communication channels and the ability to use any third-party service that has a RESTful API. The platform's drag-and-drop visual service builder allows users to connect to external services easily. Altogic has integrated marketplace nodes and offers a community for discussions, knowledge sharing, and ideas. Altogic is committed to data privacy and has a data processing agreement in place.