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no-code opens up digital future

We create digital solutions with no-code software

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Organize yourself or your team better

- with an app -

instead of Word document, Excel sheet or paper

no-Code Software

Many talk about a "no-code revolution", however you want to call it, it's changing the world and making a lot of things easier.

for whom?

Whether private person, association, science, administration or educational institution. Also at your hobby or commercially in industry, trade, service or craft... and many many more

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What used to require an amount of money in the range of thousands of dollars, can now be realized with an amount starting from three hundred dollars. This opens up new possibilities for many more people and their projects

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Digital solutions with no-code software are easy to use, making them suitable for any group of people, but equally interesting for technically savvy users who require more complex solutions

for what?

Due to the great flexibility as well as the low costs, no-Code software can be usefully applied in almost all areas

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No-code software is a key to improving the organization of processes and workflows, digitalization rethought

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Anyone who works with text, spreadsheets, photos, forms or documents to get organized benefits. Especially if this data is to be made available to a team or is to be jointly captured and processed by a group - which may be distributed across different locations


    Take advantage of your own application software (app) created individually for your needs.

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    Organize yourself or your team better - with your app - instead of word document, excel sheet or paper

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    Increase your efficiency, gain time and save money at the same time

    new technology - new possibilities


    A flexible tool for the diverse requirements of your modern life


    the principle

    With no-code software, an app (=application software) with a desired functionality can be created faster because this is done without special code programming.

    In addition to lower costs, there are further advantages:

    • required solutions can be implemented promptly

    • start immediately expand later, further workflows and processes can be included step by step
    • After training, employees without special IT training can independently adapt or further develop additional workflows/processes.
    • It is possible to test whether the digitization of processes leads to the desired success.

    three paths to your-app

    1. You have an idea how your app should look like. Contact us, tell us what your requirements are.
      > we create your app with the appropriate no-code software
    2. You know what you need and have found a suitable app in the APP-DEPOT.
      Customizations - e.g. drop-down menus - are possible.
      > you can purchase the app in the store, we will customize the app for you if necessary
    3. You have workflows/processes whose efficiency you want to improve with digital tools, but would like more information to find the best solution.
      > book a consultation

    to each his app

    No-code software opens up the possibility of equipping associations, business and private users with individual software solutions (apps) at a price that was unthinkable just a short time ago.

    This makes it a driving force for innovation in all areas of society and a key technology for a successful transformation process toward a modern information society.

    You have further questions about this.

    • Your own app for cell phone + PC from only 300 € ?... now possible thanks to no-Code software, learn more here.
    • Find out how you can benefit from the advantages of no-Code software here.
    • Learn more about no-Code software here.

    more about...

    With no-Code software, we create digital solutions faster and cheaper.

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    In consulting, we identify potential for sensible digitization steps, start you off immediately and expand as needed.

    ● ● ●

    Training ensures the success of your digitization steps. Enable your employees to create the apps they need to optimize relevant processes themselves.

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    We create test apps and prototypes for you. This way, you can find the best software on the market for your needs and avoid bad investments and loss of time.

    Here you can find already created apps and components and purchase them in our store.

    ● ● ●

    Benefit from the experience that has been incorporated into the apps so far through feedback from the user community.

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    Existing solutions can be quickly and cost-effectively adapted to your needs, this is often easier than developing from scratch

    We provide you with "your-app" with customized functionality on your PC and mobile devices.

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    The data is automatically synchronized between the PC in the office and the mobile devices.

    ● ● ●

     The app is developed together with you, individually for the requirements of your team.

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    Reorganize your organizational process, use your own app and leave the limitations of paper, Word & Excel behind.

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    The application possibilities are manifold, for further information please contact us