internal - the fastest way to build internal apps on top off your existing business, with no-code

Internal is an all-in-one platform that enables businesses to create custom internal apps, workflows, and automations. The platform offers Spaces, which allows users to organize their tools and apps into separate workspaces. Internal also provides documentation and tutorials for developers. The platform supports various data sources like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Amazon Redshift, HTTP protocol, and Salesforce. It is designed for both no-code builders and developers and offers granular permissions, audit logs, SSO, two-step authentication, version management, integration with Source Control Management and more to ensure security from the start. The platform also offers various features such as Databases, Customer Support, Google Sheets, Bulk Import Tool, Agencies & Consultants, Documentation, Security, Careers, Trusted by companies such as Autodesk, NBA, Cisco, Replica, Wonderschool, and Compass, Internal is a reliable platform for building custom internal tools.