bardeen - automate repetitive processes of browser use, easy to use thanks to AI wizard

Bardeen is an AI-powered automation platform that offers a range of use cases for different industries, including meetings automation, marketing workflow streamlining, product development task management, sales prospecting, recruiting, data research through web scraping, and personal productivity automation. The platform features a product builder, scraper, and breakthrough AI technology to streamline processes. Users can also integrate and automate their favorite apps and build their own automations. Bardeen provides pre-built human in the loop automations called Playbooks, as well as automations triggered by events or time called Autobooks. The platform offers all integrations out of the box and step-by-step tutorials to become automation heroes. Bardeen is a browser-based automation tool that lets users run automations on their favorite websites and web apps. The tool allows users to build automations without code, and it runs locally in the browser, so user data never leaves their device. Bardeen can help users save time by reducing the need to switch between web apps and websites. The tool offers integrations with popular apps such as Affinity, Airtable, Asana, Clearbit, ClickUp, and Coda.