During the consultation, we will discuss with you the possibilities of digitization for your processes and select the appropriate no-code software.

Good reasons

Finding the no-code software that best suits your needs among the multitude of players on the market is very time-consuming.

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The limits and restrictions of no-code software are often poorly documented, so if you discover them late, you have lost valuable time.

Search engines show profit oriented result lists, whoever is in front pays for it and rarely the cheap providers are in front.

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    The most innovative no-code software providers have often only been on the market for a short time and are therefore usually listed far behind the long-established providers.

The market is global, there are excellent suppliers of no-code software from a wide variety of countries, which also makes the search more difficult.

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Search engines follow a country-specific weighted logic, if an innovative no-code software comes from an "exotic" area, it is hardly to be found.

Costs for Consulting

All prices are gross, they include the current VAT of 19%.

depending on time required (€/hr)

Minimum time is 1 hour, after that every quarter hour (29,75€/0,25 hr)
plus travel * 1,19 €/km, distance according to Google Maps (car)
(Prices net = 100 €; travel 1,00 €/km)

119 €

half day (€/0,5 day)

includes 4 hours
plus travel * 1,19 €/km, distance according to Google Maps (car)
(Prices net = 369,75 €; travel 1,00 €/km)

440 €

full day (€/day)

includes 8 hours
plus travel * 1,19 €/km, distance according to Google Maps (car)
(Prices net = 739,50 €; travel 1,00 €/km)

880 €

> *for journeys over 100 km the gross amount increases to 1,60 €/km (net 1,35 €/km)

 > *for journeys over 300 km the gross amount increases to 1,90 €/km (net 1,60 €/km)

As a customer in Switzerland or from the USA & GB, please calculate the costs with the factor x 1.3

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