What does stand for?

The idea behind is that anyone can organize themselves better with their own app for mobile and PC than with text and spreadsheet documents, partly because the cost is now affordable for everyone.

Check out "Your-App" to find examples how easy it is to build apps with or visit "App-Depot".


All in one solution for text documents, data tables, charts and presentations - optimized for teamwork, with the potential of a functional app exactly for your needs. Easy to use and all in just one application.

Thanks to a unique pricing model, it is now actually possible to realize your own idea in a custom-built app.


  • Coda is a multifunctional software designed as cloud software. It is therefore particularly suitable to decisively improve the collaboration of people - who want to be efficient in a team, in the organization of processes and workflows or in the accomplishment of office tasks.
  • In this context, Coda is a new type of document. It combines text, table, diagrams as well as multimedia content in one canvas, it stores and delivers information as well as content for teams only or published as a website for everyone, but it can also be your own app on a smartphone.
  • Coda provides innovative graphical and functional creation elements (building-blocks), these can be combined by any user into digital tools, you get your own powerful app (application software) for mobile devices and the PC. This opens up new possibilities in all areas, whether professional or private, to organize yourself digitally networked efficiently.
  • The implementation as no-code software enables users to independently create simpler apps - which the team or themselves need for the digitization of their own processes - or to expand or modify existing solutions according to their needs, after only a brief familiarization or training.
  • Coda easily connects to many other apps, such as Google Calendar, via pre-built integration modules. It has an API interface and powerful automation capabilities. The combination of this functionality, in conjunction with an intuitive formula assistant, makes it possible to map even more complex workflows and processes.