Solutions with no-Code Software

Great flexibility and low cost open up useful application in almost all areas

Increase your efficiency, gain time and save money at the same time

  • we develop your apps/digital forms for you
  • we support you during development
  • we train development & application
  • we sell no-code apps + digital forms
  • we consult & sell no-code software


  • After familiarization or training, the software can be adapted or extended by yourself.
  • Creating an application software (app) using no-code software is faster and less expensive.

The term "no-code" means that when creating an application software (=App) with no-code technology, no program code has to be written by a highly qualified coder.

  • No-code software is used to create a no-code app. This provides all the necessary components of an app. For example, a database as a storage location, a graphical user interface and the required functionality.
  • The design is carried out in the form of various building blocks which are assembled into an app within the no-code software.
  • Functional elements such as buttons, sliders, checkboxes, etc. as well as powerful formula assistants allow even more complex applications to be created

Thus, no-code software takes the place of the programmer. It is much easier and takes less time to create an app with a desired functionality in no-code than is possible with individually written program code.

Also safer, says Wikipedia

The term no-code platform describes a development environment for software that enables developers and other professionals to create application software using graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional programming.

No-code platforms are used to meet the needs of companies and to digitize processes.

A common assumption is that no-code platforms are more vulnerable to security threats. In reality, handwritten code is often a greater security risk than platform code that has been validated through its consistent use across multiple applications.

no-code software is available for many areas

To improve the clarity we have formed categories

Example: no-code software is one of the most powerful no-code platforms to improve the organization of processes and workflows and to optimize collaboration. The functional scope is very large and cannot be easily summarized in a short text.

Here some points:

  • Text elements like in Word, tables and diagrams like in Excel, photos or videos and much more can be placed together on a " canvas ".
  • Data which are in tables can be changed with one click from the table form into another appearance, e.g. calendar/gant/canban/diagram. If you change data in one of the views, the other views will be updated immediately.
  • Data from Excel/Libre Office tables can be easily copy/pasted, also vice versa is possible
  • Calculations can be made within tables and between tables
  • With "buttons" actions can be triggered on click, as well as by changing the data - e.g. new data entry - triggers the sending of an email
  • Several people can work on one document/table
  • Application used on desktop can also be used on mobile devices. Data is synchronized between PC and mobile device