Provision of a Coda App in your personal account

Step 1

Contact us and provide us with your email address.

Open your own account at by following this link (Get started), using the same email address you used to contact us.

Step 2

We make your app available to your account for you. This means that your app will appear on your account under the name that we have agreed upon together.

Displaying an app labeled "Webseite" in the "my Docs" folder in your coda account

Step 3

Copy the app by clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the app name.

IMPORTANT: These 3 dots only become visible when you move the mouse pointer over the app name, the background of the line then changes to a gray color and the 3 dots appear on the right.

After clicking on the 3 dots a menu opens, click there on "Copy".

Step 4

After clicking on "copy", a dialog box opens. Here you can decide if you want to copy the app to another folder. If you do not select another folder, the app (= Doc) will be copied to your folder "my Docs".

Change the name of the app by removing the automatically generated addition "Copy of" and switch the blue/white button to "off" by clicking with the mouse in the blue area on the left.

Dialog box for selecting the folder and changing the app name

Step 5

Click Copy to complete the process.

Button to complete the copying process

Step 6

IMPORTANT: Do not work in the copy template provided by us but only in your copy.

Let us know when you have completed the copy process.

We will then remove the provided "Your App Copy Template" from your my Docs folder