what is no-Code Software


what is no-code software and what are the advantages for the user?


Although most people are largely unfamiliar with the details of software development, most are aware that for such software applications, a program code must be developed that ensures functionality and usability. The professionals who write such code are called "coders". Statistically, not many people have ever met a coder, which is due to the fact that there are not so many of these experts. A long study and the necessary aptitude in mathematical correlations and logic, which one must have as a prerequisite, limit access to the professional field.

The shortage of corresponding specialists has an impact on business, administration and other areas. The transformation to digital processes often cannot be tackled at all, and ongoing projects are delayed or even have to be canceled. This shortage of programmers will not change significantly in the next few years.


It is also possible to create software applications (apps) without writing any code. This is made possible by no-code software. These are innovative software applications that have been developed specifically to create apps. All you need to do is master the application of the respective no-code software and understand how a desired functionality and a corresponding user interface are implemented in an app. People who create apps with such no-code software are called no-coder. The no-code software supports the developer in his task by providing so-called "building blocks". You select different building blocks, for example a calendar, a text field or a photo, and use them to create the structure and user interface you need for a task. There is a wide range of prepared building blocks from which the structure can be put together. With controls such as buttons, sliders and checkboxes, the desired functionality can be realized. Powerful formula assistants facilitate the implementation of complex calculations, for example in tables. In addition, there are the possibilities of automating processes within the app. Finally, there are a large number of ready-made integrations that can be used to connect an app with other programs.


There are several advantages to choosing a no-code software solution.

  • greatly reduced time required to develop an app
  • significantly reduced costs
  • it opens up the possibility for many more people, companies or associations to organize themselves more efficiently now with their own app
  • after familiarization and training, the apps can be modified and extended by the users themselves
  • test and trial application is possible, so you can determine your own needs, bad investments are avoided


The advantages resulting from a solution with no-Code software are clear. What used to cost thousands of dollars can now be realized for a fraction. Take advantage of these benefits and optimize your processes and workflows now. Benefit from a no-Code app that is individually created for your needs.