Info's about the order

The final price of an app for you as a customer consists of two parts:

1. the price of the app in the store

Purchased components can be used in other apps without additional costs.

Individual adjustments according to your wishes are possible at any time.

The billing for this takes place according to time and effort.

2. the price for the provision of the app on your end devices by us

(Standard = 196 €, can be found in the store under: Service/Deployment).

If you purchase multiple components or apps, you pay only once.

Please also note our current discount promotions

Software as a service

A majority of our products require an account with the respective provider of the no-code software.

The use of no-code software as a rental service (SaaS) is associated with monthly costs,
for example 10.00 $/month at
However, this is unavoidable for any modern app - which you want to use on a cell phone, tablet and from any PC - as this always requires a cloud server infrastructure.

With no-code software, however, this is completely straightforward for you , and in return offers you the opportunity to run your own app at annual operating costs starting at around €114
( Pro plan = $10/month; see here: ).
This is extremely cheap and opens up many new application possibilities.

Other no-code software can be more expensive. Mostly there is the option to open a free account, but this always has a limited scope of performance or functionality, or is limited in duration if full.

You can also find apps that have no monthly operating costs such as QGIS, SW-Maps or Binders. Please contact us if you have any questions.