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We share the vision of Shishir Mehrotra, the founder of, that people can better organize and network with their own no-code app, both professionally and in a club or family, and that more and more people will do this in the future.

For this purpose, apps are needed for a wide variety of areas of application, at the lowest possible price.
If you want to develop such an app in order to make it available to others, you are welcome to do so via our website. You decide for yourself at what price you want to offer the app, possibly free of charge. Your app will be listed in our shop so that interested parties can buy there online and pay directly. The buyer receives the respective app directly from us after he has created his own account at We then transfer the money to the respective creator, without any deductions. We will check whether we can integrate your own Stripe account into the website for direct payment from the customer to you.

On our website "" you will be listed as an app creator, with the information about which app you have made so far, plus your email address. The description of your app, possibly with operating instructions, can then be found on our website "".


Paul Danyliuk

Coda expert you won't regret following


Viva Pizza

  • Plattform:
  • Maker: Paul Danyliuk
    Ordersystem for Pizza and Drinks

Video Poker

  • Plattform:
  • Maker: Paul Danyliuk
    Just to show the know how